SkyRocket Social Media Marketing, LLC helps businesses and individuals take their social media presence to the next level, and our mission this year is to help over 1000 brands. We’re establishing teams in various large cities in the United States to help us do so. We’ve got a straightforward and effective system, and are looking for team members that can add value to what we do. If you’ve got skills - and want to be apart of a team where you’ll be appreciated and compensated - then take a few minutes to review our open positions and apply!


Business Development Specialist

     We are looking to hire a driven and detail-oriented Business Development Specialist to identify business growth opportunities and develop strategies to increase company sales. Their responsibilities will include developing an in-depth knowledge of company offerings, pricing, and policies to identify company products and services that are under performing and improve existing systems and processes to help reach company revenue goals. To be successful as a Business Development Specialist, they should be adept at negotiating business deals and able to make sound decisions that will benefit the company. Ultimately, an exceptional Business Development Officer should have strong business acumen as well as demonstrate excellent management, communication, and analytical skills.


Technology/IT Specialist

We are looking for a skilled Technology/IT Specialist with good problem-solving ability to provide support for virtual events, upgrade software and security across platforms, and oversee development of new digital projects. To be successful, they should be comfortable working within a team, have a keen eye for detail, and have excellent organizational skills. Ultimately, a top-notch candidate should have strong leadership qualities, be able to provide guidance and support, and be highly accurate.

To ensure success, you should exhibit extensive knowledge of current trends in website design and the ability to incorporate end-user feedback. Technology/IT Specialists are expected to display good interpersonal skills as they will interact with clients and colleagues. They are required to listen to their technical needs, understand their problems and implement solutions to them. An valuable candidate will be someone whose expertise in website design leads to a prominent and professional online presence.



Social Media Manager


We are searching for multiple experienced Social Media Managers to develop and create advertising campaigns for clients, collaborate with our creative team to design high-quality content, and analyze data to frequently update client growth strategies. They will oversee the accounts of clients who sign up for multiple services including Social Media Account Setup, Sponsored Ad building, content strategy session & more. Social media managers must have a deep understanding of effective social media content and strategy. The happiness of our clients depends on the quality of their work! 



Content Creators


​We are searching for talented Content Creators to work with our creative team to produce high-quality pictures and videos for clients to be used for social media posts, video series, and promotional campaigns. Photographers & videographers will be tasked with gathering all photos and videos needed to fufill our growth strategies for each client. Each team have weekly meetings to discuss planning for new client project and staying on track with existing projects. Content Creators must have access to all necessary equipment needed to complete services and share a portfolio to exhibit their skills and service area.


Creative Director


We are searching for multiple talented Creative Directors (or graphic designers) to create high quality content for social media posts, event flyers, digital & print campaigns, website graphics and more. Graphic designers will work with our teams to ensure that all content is clean & professional. Based on the specific strategy and needs of each client, they will create custom graphics to best suit that brand. Designers must possess a wide array of design skills and creativity. They'll be working closely with the Social Media Managers and Content Creators to ensure that the photos gathered, content created, and page postings match the strategy for each client.