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Social Media Management

     With your supervision, we will manage all of your social media accounts. We will take over and immediately implement the strategies we use to gain you customers, provide engagement on your social media accounts, and start to build your overall brand awareness.


     We use strategies such as running contests and posting custom content gain customers. To increase engagement, we do Q & A's, start dialogues, share stories, and post great content. Throughout this process, we'll also be collecting information from your customers to help build relationships and stay connected!

     A posting schedule will be provided that tells you what we plan on posting and when we plan on doing so. At the end of every two weeks, you will be provided with post analytics that show what works, what doesn't, and how to be more effective. Based on these results we will split test different strategies and cater your social media posts specifically to what your followers have shown to like on each platform!

  • We gather all content monthly and do the editing and posting for you

    1 hr

    From 750 US dollars
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