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Sponsored Advertising

     Sponsored advertising is a powerful tool that allows us to specifically target your ideal customers by age, gender, distance from your location, income, interests, and the list goes on and on! These advertisements can be run on various platform like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat; the nature of your brand and the content we're promoting will determine which platforms are utilized. This method of advertising is very efficient and provides massive ROI. We've seen brands get 250+ leads in 24 HOURS! 

     Together, we'll come up with offers that entice potential customers to click our ad, while also satisfying your pocket book. All offers will be paired with custom and branded content that we create to catch the attention of potential customers that scroll past our ads. After the first two weeks to a month of running ads you will receive ad campaign analytics that show which offers, content, and target market were the most effective. Based on this information, we will begin to split test the winning results and cater ads specifically to what your target market has shown to love!

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