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SkyRocket Social Media Marketing, LLC was founded in November 2016 by our CEO - Justice Houser. Justice loves to help others, and started SkyRocket with the dream of using his creative and technical skills to serve others and help them achieve their goals and dreams. Today, we're a full service team of 10 young professionals that design and execute effective social media strategies.
We helps individuals, businesses, organizations make more money, grow their online presence, and build relationships with their community through telling their unique brand story. We’re dedicated to customer satisfaction and are a service oriented team. Our goal is to educate brands on how to efficiently target leads, and turn them into paying customers!
We specialize in lead generation. Using the power of social media, we identify the people in your target market who are most likely to love your brand, and show your ads directly to them! We qualify them by different factors like age, gender, location, interests, and even relationships with your competitors. Based on the needs of your brand, we'll create a custom growth strategy that will help you take your brand to the next level.
People have to know who you are to use your services; we give your brand the attention that your great products deserve! We will show you how to create great content, and how to use this content to maintain consistent traffic to your business. You already have a story, our job is to help you share it with the world!
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